Couples Counselling

Couples therapy is better than divorce. And cheaper. Kate will help you identify the issues in your relationship and work on making things different.

Individual in Couples Therapy

Are you sick of making the same mistakes in your relationships? Have you asked your partner to come to therapy and they just wont or perhaps you don't want to come to therapy with your partner? Come on your own and learn more about who you are and how you interact with the loves in your life.

Co-Parenting Strategies

Work out strategies for blending your families into a more harmonious unit. Or develop new ways to parent so you can be a team parenting together.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy works. It can assist you and your partner to recognise your attachment needs and stop the negative cycles that create and foster the arguments or silences that disrupt your happiness. EFT assists you to create secure bonds within your relationship so you can move forward together.

Client-Centred Therapy

You are the centre of our therapy sessions. Kate has no agenda and no bias. She wants you to succeed. The counselling is based on you, what your needs are and what will work best FOR YOU.

Therapy counselling Enoggera Brisbane

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