Feeling anxious? I’m not surprised

We all have ups and downs and sometimes these moments create anxiety. It is incredibly rare that the whole world experiences a set of circumstances that creates mass confusion, fear and uncertainty. The COVID-19 or Corona Virus pandemic has created a very strange environment, one that very few of us have experienced before. The whole…
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Tips to make your relationship work

Respect – respect your partner and treat them the way you expect and want to be treated yourself. You don’t have to agree on everything and you don’t always have to like each other but if you show some respect you will be in a better place to begin negotiating or communicating so that you…
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Healing Toxic Injuries in Love Relationships

Healing attachment injuries in relationships using Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Does couples therapy work?

Yes couples therapy works, but you have to be prepared to work at it. The biggest issue we face with couples in therapy is that couples often leave it so long to get help that they need even more assistance to get back to a happy and healthy place. On average couples who seek therapy…
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Emotionally Focused Therapy: Bolstering Couples’ Emotional Bonds

Western culture views independence as a virtue. We’ve been taught that a truly strong person doesn’t need anybody to survive and thrive. But being attached to your partner is actually a good thing. In fact, a secure attachment underlies the strongest relationships. And both partners in such relationships tend to feel “calm, connected, centered and…
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