Individual Counselling

Are you experiencing issues in your personal relationships or you generally just don’t feel happy or fulfilled? Speaking with a counsellor can help you to gain a better understanding of yourself and what really makes you happy

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Self-Esteem Issues

Identifying the cause of your low self-esteem can be a difficult process but an incredibly important one. Counselling can help you develop a stronger sense of who you are, what your values are and assist you to become more confident and assertive.

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Depression and Anxiety

Counselling can help you focus on strategies to minimise the impact that depression and anxiety has on your life and to understand the ways in which you can learn to take back control.

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Is a counsellor right for me?

Sometimes it is hard to know, who is the right person to help? If you have never seen a counsellor before it is hard to know if they are the right person to see for the issues you are experiencing. 

What does a Counsellor do?

A skilled, trained counsellor works with their clients using a range of therapies.

A counsellor is trained to listen without judgement. They work together with their client to find ways to understand and cope with difficult issues and develop solutions to make real change in their lives. 

What does a Psychologist do?

A psychologist assesses, diagnoses and treats individuals suffering from psychological distress and mental illness. They provide therapy for individuals with diagnosed mental disorders and other issues of concern. You can see a psychologist either with or withour a referral. 

What does a Psychiatrist do?

A psychiatrist is a trained doctor specialising in mental health and you need a referral to see one. Their focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. They prescribe and manage medication for the treatment of mental health issues.

How can my GP help me?

It’s good to have a talk with your GP  if you are suffering from any physical or emotional symotoms that you are concerned about. Sometimes medication might be necessary to get you back on track and your GP is the person who can work through this with you. 

What does Kate do?

Kate is a trained counsellor with extensive experience working with people experiencing a range of issues including grief, stress, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, infertility, financial stress and self-esteem issues. You don’t need a referral to see Kate and the focus is on developing strategies for real change.